The Charles C. Parks ordering systems are very flexible while we continue to update our systems in this modern age of technical advancement. Currently we provide the operator with several options for ordering. The operator can choose tools like Handheld Scanners, Smart Phones, I-Pads as well as Online Ordering. Our system flexibility enables customers to quickly place their orders and receive our deliveries in a more accurate and productive manner allowing the customer to spend more time on other business needs. Additionally, our advanced systems allow customers to access reports on AP, sales, product purchases, credits and retail pricing giving the customer greater control on financial matters.


Warehouse Receiving

The Charles C Parks Company is committed to technology as a valuable tool in providing our customers with the best service possible. When products enter the Charles C Parks Company they are received into our advanced warehouse and inventory management system through unique barcode identifiers. Movement of that product within our warehouse is tracked and updated using barcode identifiers. This ensures proper flow of product through our warehouse and strengthens our supply chain of which our customers benefit from through a higher degree of accuracy.

Warehouse Selecting

After your order is received, verified, and processed into our system it is presented to our warehouse order selectors through voice directed picking headsets communicating wirelessly. Voice directed selection provides greater accuracy from our door to yours. Being fully committed to the needs of our customers and the commitment to the newest technologies only strengthens our relationship as partners with our customers and vendors.